Feedback Loops

We look for information that provides clarity on our actions

Rhyme As Reason Effect

Rhyming statements that you hear, they are seen as more sincere

Risk Aversion

We don’t like uncertainty and generally stick to what we know

Collection Bias

We have an emotional need to amass sets of related items

Limited Access

We place greater value in things when there are barriers placed around them

Endowed Progress Effect

We reach our goals faster when we have help getting started

Zeigarnik Effect

Incomplete tasks weigh on our minds until done


What we see first affects our judgement of everything thereafter

Foot In The Door

Making a small commitment now makes us more likely to agree to a greater one later

Curiosity Effect

We're driven to seek missing info that closes our knowledge gap

Autonomy Bias

We have a deep-seated need to control our situations

Confirmation Bias

We look for information that supports our existing beliefs and ignore what doesn’t


We constantly seek out ways to communicate our identity to others

Afterlife Effect

We recycle more when shown what the product will become

If-Then Plans

If in this scenario, we then plan to do that, we'll more likely reach our goals


Our choices are determined by the information we're shown

Boundary Pricing

We're more likely to upgrade if the base price feels closer

Prospect Theory

A loss hurts more than an equal gain feels good

Social Proof

We copy the behaviors of others, especially in unfamiliar situations


We value things more when they’re in limited supply


We constantly look for ways to improve how others see us


We process information better when put into small groups

Serial Position Effect

We better remember the first and last items in a list

Metaphorical Shortcut

New or complex ideas are easier understood through existing ones

Analysis Paralysis

Our capacity to process information and make decisions reduces with each made

Product-Person Bias

We look for and value human connections in our products

Goal Gradient Effect

Our efforts increase the closer we are to task completion

Time Scarcity

We're more likely to act if the clock is ticking…

Fast & Slow Thinking

We make knee-jerk spontaneous decisions that can cause regretful damage

Availability Bias

Our judgements are heavily influenced by what comes to mind more easily

Zero Price Bias

We value something more when free over very cheap

Picture Superiority Effect

We remember images far better than words

Fresh Start Effect

We're more likely to stick to habits made at the start of new time periods

Temptation Bundling

We're more likely to do the hard stuff when coupled with the pleasant

Segregation Effect

Positive experiences feel better overall when we spread them out

Status Quo Bias

We tend to stick with our previous choices, even if the alternatives might be better

Halo Effect

We incorrectly transfer judgements of known attributes onto other unrelated or unknown ones

Devil Effect

Our perception of a single negative attribute unfairly bleeds into other unrelated areas


We’ll do the opposite from what we’re asked if we’re pushed too hard

Dynamic Norms

We’re more likely to change if we can see a new behavior developing

Round Pricing Preference

We prefer and trust whole numbers over those ending in a 9

Aggregation Effect

Negative experiences feel less painful overall when they’re bundled together

Biophilia Effect

We're drawn to living things and become stressed if too detached from them

Decoy Effect

We’re more likely to buy B over A by adding C to make B look more attractive

Entourage Effect

Our status is elevated when we share our VIP treatment

Odor Priming

We’ll pay more when we smell something nice


We make very different decisions based on how a fact is presented

Storyteller Bias

We’re more persuaded by and better recall those who tell stories

Loss Aversion

We feel more negative when losing something than positive when we gain it


Our decisions are shaped by memories recalled from things just seen or heard

Certainty Effect

We crave clarity over chance and make costly sacrifices to get it


We have a strong tendency to comply with those in charge

Nostalgia Effect

Thinking about the past makes us want to spend more now

Limited Choice

We’re more likely to decide when the options are sensibly restricted


We’re hardwired to return kindness received


We change our behavior when given gifts that reinforce actions and goals


Once we’ve made a public statement, we make consistent decisions to support it

Ownership Bias

We value things more when we feel we own them

IKEA Effect

We’ll pay disproportionately more for something we’ve helped create

Humor Effect

We’re more motivated by and remember things that make us laugh

Fluency Shortcut

Statements that are easier to understand are more believable

Contrast Effect

We better remember products that stand out from their surroundings

Surprise Effect

We respond well to positive, unexpected, personal gestures

Door In The Face

We're more likely to agree to a small request after first rejecting a larger one

Default Effect

We tend to accept the option pre-chosen for us

Present Bias

What we want now is often the opposite of what we aspire to in the future

Peak-End Rule

We remember an experience by its peaks and how it ended

Spacing Effect

We remember things better when repeated over time and across environments

Tiny Habits

We're more likely to reach goals when broken down into smaller ones

Hedonic Adaptation

We feel less joy for a gain and discomfort for a loss as time goes by

Goal Priming

When we’re reminded of our aims, we're more motivated to reach them

Choice-Supportive Bias

We recall more of the positives of our choices over any negatives

Delay Discounting

We choose smaller, more immediate rewards over greater ones that we need to wait for

Sunk Cost Bias

We’re unable to let go of our past bad investments, even if it makes sense to do so

Mere Exposure Effect

We like things more as they become more familiar to us

Reciprocity Decay

Our desire to give back wanes rapidly with time


We strive with and against one another for limited resources and status

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