Behavioural research translated into bite-size cards with methods to help leading teams apply insights

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The smartest companies use our research analysis


Bite-size behavioral insights

Practical cards to quickly understand and apply academic research

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The smartest companies use our research analysis
Danielle Anderson, Digital Strategist, talks about the power of Nuggets
"The first time I've seen behavioural science turned into a workshop-style toolkit that you can use to build better, more effective products."
Jaz Blakeston-Petch, Product Owner, National Lottery UK

Behavioral research explains the psychology  underpinning your customers’ decisions but is hard to


Spread across many journals and publishing platforms


Written in a language that's time-consuming to understand


Often remains theoretical and practical advice is unclear

We do the hard work

Each Nugget is painstakingly crafted to summarise research without undermining its integrity


For fast consumption, memory and team sharing


For reassurance, practicality and idea generation

Here's one we made earlier

We read the research and tell you how to use it

Designed for the most important teams

Here’s how Nuggets keep you ahead of your competition

Save precious time

Stop wading through countless behavioural research papers

Select insights with ease

Quickly determine key behaviours for your strategic brief

Make better briefings

Clearer, more creative, and always backed by research

Design by behaviour

Quickly choose key behaviours to drive your design sprints

Create new business models

Formulate brand new ways to sell and create value

Make better products

Create more engaging, persuasive and successful experiences

Made for business

Nuggets sort insights into 6 consumer categories


How do we attract more customers & increase revenue?


How much? How many options? In what order? When?


Once we have customers, how do we keep them?


How do we craft positive, memorable feelings?


How can we stand out and be loved by people?

Product Development

When making something new, what should we know?

Our process

The value we provide

We find the best research...

Keeping on top of over 30 academic journals on Consumer Behaviour,  Behavioural Economics and Marketing. and translate it...

Distilling the key findings for you into a form that’s quick to digest and easy to communicate with others!

...and tell you how to use it

Giving you practical takeaways and examples of how to put the research into practice in your organisation.

Your library starts with Box One. What's inside?

1,500 hours of painstaking behavioral research analysis to save you time and build better products



Providing a comprehensive grounding in core behavioral principles, spread across Conversion, Experience, Pricing, Branding, Product Dev. and Loyalty

Priority Cards

Fully explained group-based exercise to use Nuggets to define the powerful behavioral drivers that underpin their product strategy.

Digital Badges

Though Nuggets are physical, you’ll want to reference behaviors within your digital deliverables. We’ve got you covered with bite-size badges to easily drop in.

How it works

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Build a library of insights

With over 200 cognitive principles to consider, Nuggets help you order and understand research incrementally

Research prioritised

Meticulously ordered by academic significance

Start with Box One

Containing the first 36 core principles you need to know

Stagger your learning

Later boxes introduce more niche & nuanced principles

Designed for the most important Decision-Makers

Keeping your organization ahead of the competition

Product Teams

Inject the latest behavioral insights into your design process.

Strategists & Planners

Reinforce your recommendations with  academic research.

Innovation Teams

Combine Nuggets to create entirely new products.

Nuggets' unique value



A team tool for daily decision-making


To educate and inspire your team


Helping you create better ideas, faster

Jerome Ribot, former Co-Founder & Creative Director of ribot spent the last 10 years finding and using behavioral research to create award-winning agency work.

Coglode Nuggets is the result, now available to other agencies for the first time...

A powerful tool for teams

Nuggets’ bite-size, physical form make them a powerful tool for workshops and team ideation

Escape your screen

The best ideas happen away from it

Collaborate with your team

Nuggets bring people to a table and enable discussion

Select insights with ease

Using the ultra-distilled design of Nuggets

Jerome Ribot, former Co-Founder & Creative Director of ribot spent the last 10 years finding and using behavioral research to create award-winning agency work.

Coglode Nuggets is the result, now available to other agencies for the first time...

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Build better products.

Bite-size consumer research analysis for the world’s top Decision-Makers.

Start building a library of  insights that you can apply on every project.

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