Why do we do that?

A bowl of salad, representing a meal option where a salad is included by default

Default Effect

In situations where we're unsure, distracted or tired, we'll opt for the default choice presented to us, even if it might not be in our best interests...

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A couple of iPhone interface toggles, with one in the off position and the other in the on position

Autonomy Bias

Our deep need for control of our future means that, even when we're presented two options that we've had no say over, we're more likely to choose...

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A pair of glasses representing our ability to express our identity


We place high value on products that provide us even small ways to show off our identity and extend our sense of self beyond our human form...

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An eye wide open, representing the


Merely by having a bowl of salty nuts "salient" in eye view on a table you're sitting at, you're more likely to eat them. However, simply hiding them in the cupboard will dramatically reduce your snacking.

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A wheel from a bicycle, representing a product and also the round nature of the product

Round Pricing Preference

We prefer round prices like $10 for quality products over $9.75 because they feel more trustworthy and easier to process...

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A bar graph with three bars going upwards


A green leaf


A speech bubble with three dots inside, denoting a conversation


A pink badge with a tick in it, representing something done successfully


A yellow star


A red heart


A grey price tag


A brown book



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