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Coglode Training is designed for high impact

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speak and apply the language of behavioural science

Learn to DO-IT

Our reusable framework that you can use to make better decisions daily

Diagnose problems

...through a behavioural lens, overcoming the principles that prevent change

Combine insights

...using the Nuggets system to create better, original ideas with greater impact

Form an experimental mind

Overcome risk aversion and improve decision impact

Solve real problems

Using guided case studies against which you can compare

Experience our modular, highly interactive course

Everything you need to understand and apply behavioural insights

Introduction to Behavioural Economics

Get up to speed regarding the fundamentals of behavioural economics

Best Practices

Learn how to avoid “dark patterns” and apply behavioural principles with nuanced finesse

Behavioural Testing

Determine how to perform behavioural experiments to validate ideas

Combining principles

Discover how principles relate to one another and can be combined for maximum impact

Behavioural Analysis

Learn how to diagnose business problems through a behavioural lens

Behavioural Prioritisation

Understand how to set the key behavioural drivers of a project  

Graduation ceremony

Receive your Nuggets and graduate from Coglode Academy  

That social proof bit

What our past trainees say...

Joyce Mak

Joyce Mak

Senior UX Designer,

The balance between theory, case studies, group exercises and feedback was spot-on! It's been one of the most engaging and rewarding sessions I've experienced. Looking forward to using these lovely Nuggets in workshops to come!

philip eeles

Philip Eeles

Honest burgers

I've always loved Coglode and am fascinated by all the research coming out, but coming to the Academy was on another level. Can't wait to put into practice some of the principles I've learnt here...

Rebecca Pate

Rebecca Pate

Product Owner,
John Lewis

Incredible what you can learn in a day! Coglode Academy is well worth the investment. I took away so many insights and ideas that I can instantly apply to my work.

Benjamin Parry

Benjamin Parry

Design Researcher,

I had an absolute ball at Coglode Academy! It was really great to get stuck into the Nuggets. I loved the bridge between research and product design and really looking forward to using them in my work…

Joseph Van der Wee

Joseph Van der Wee

Tech Lead,

I came away from Coglode Academy equipped with a new set of tools and excited to put them into practice. The course was delivered in a very engaging way, with a perfect balance between learning the theory behind cognitive principles and how to apply them.

luke hay

Luke Hay

Fresh Egg

A really well-thought-out and well-delivered day. Lots of practical takeaways and one of the few training courses which is guaranteed to change the way I work on projects in the future.

Steven Collings

Steven Collings

Head of Data, Zoopla

Coglode Academy gives structure and logic to seemingly open ended problems. As someone who can sometimes over do the information gathering and analysis it was really powerful to be able to pick a few paths and know that there's empirical reason behind my choices.

Roman Repovas

Roman Repovas

Promotions Manager,
All Stars Group

When the experience was so positive throughout, it is difficult to pin-point the most enjoyed feature, but the learned ability of actually applying the insights into practice is what will bring the most value in the longer-run.

Ed Lyon

Ed Lyon

UX Researcher, Receipt Bank

Coglode Academy is probably the most thoroughly-planned course I've attended. I can genuinely say the day was fun, informative and I found it so inspirational!

Flavio Lamenza

Flavio Lamenza

Senior UX Designer,

Amazing way to learn and apply behavioural insights. Super fun day with you all.

Naomi Cauchi

Naomi Cauchi

Training EXEC., British Venture Capitalists

Scientific research can be daunting and time consuming yet it's crucial for any decision making process. Coglode perfectly solves this by making research digestible, equipping us with the tools to apply it. Engaging, dynamic and so much fun!

Carlos saba

Carlos Saba

happy startups

I loved it! I came away with lots of learnings and new ideas to use in and for HSS. A really great mix of practical methods and inspirational case studies from the real world.

Lucia Perez

Lucia Perez

Freelance UX Researcher

I loved how you structured the day and your ability to share and communicate the knowledge contained within the Nuggets; they are like gold to me now!

James Schock

James Schock

Project Manager, Tilt

The Academy and the tools itself were the perfect balance of creatively scientific and scientifically creative!

Joost Jongbloed

Joost Jongbloed

CEO and Co-Founder, Gradient

One of the most valuable workshops we've ever had! Thanks so much Jerome and Roxy!

Steven Tran

Steven Tran

Intelligence Analyst, Cazoo

A very informative, insightful and fun day! I joined knowing very little about behavioural research but now have the knowledge and confidence to understand and start applying it to my work. I couldn't recommend the Academy more highly!

Richard Humphris

Richard Humphris

CEO, Polygon

An amazing workshop. Anyone running a business or startup, I highly recommend you go to Coglode Academy.

Lindsay scott

Lindsay scott

Financial Consultant

One of the best and most practical workshops I've attended on behavioural science. If you're interested in understanding how people make decisions and designing around this, you should definitely attend.

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We stay on top of the latest behavioural insights to save you precious time and keep you sharp.

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Create better ideas

Solve your design challenges behaviourally with our workshop-ready Box One Nuggets.

Peek inside Box One

Master behaviour

Develop a culture of shared behavioural knowledge and win by designing smarter products.

See how we train your team

We'll teach you how to use them to:

Understand core principles
Combine related principles
Diagnose problems behaviourally
Artfully apply them to your work

More info

Leave with Cookbook

A year of free access to our new digital platform


On Nuggets: Bite-sized behavioural research papers


Quickly find the right Nugget with our dynamic search tool

Icon of two Nuggets combined


Discover Nugget pairings to solve problems behaviourally

Get real

Real-world case studies of applied behavioural science


Start building up your own library of key Nuggets


Solve problems fast with our powerful groupings


Join our monthly interactive Coglode Live sessions

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All attendees will be presented with a full box of Nuggets.
Existing Box One owners will be presented with Box Two.

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Two energizing and highly interactive remote sessions in a group of 10

Box One of Coglode Nuggets (or Two if you have Box One!)

A year's free access to Cookbook, our new digital platform

Methods for applying behavioural principles to your work

Ability to create ideas that will effectively change behaviour

Real case studies that show the impact of behavioural science






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Save £300

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Training for your team?

Get everyone thinking and designing behaviourally

Remote or in-person

Highly interactive and hands-on in both cases


Can be tailored according to your project outcomes or industry


We can train teams from 10 up to 100 people


We now offer English, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian

Post-training support

Consultancy to accelerate your team's impact on a specific project


One-day workshop

With Coglode's CEO, Jerome Ribot

Core understanding of behavioural economics 1hr
An introduction to the world of behavioural research, and why it's so powerful for business.
Introducing Nuggets 30m
A brief introduction to Nuggets, how they work and a first hands-on. 
Nuggets warm-up with Kelly’s Cupcakes 1hr
A warm-up task to create familiarity with Nuggets, rapidly consuming and applying them to solve the problems of a fictional business.
Solving problems behaviourally 3hrs
Using Nuggets to create a series of behaviourally-led ideas to help solve three pre-defined design challenges your organisation currently face.
Behavioural Tools 45m
Demonstration of supporting frameworks to integrate behavioural research into your team's existing design processes.
Behavioural Forum 30m
Open discussion with the team regarding best practices. The aim is to equip entire teams to confidently use behavioural research every day on their projects.

Nuggets Box One

All the core principles, painstakingly distilled for instant impact

We've spent over 10,000 hours these past two years finding, reading and translating the most important and influential behavioural research, so you don't have to.

Box One offers the foundational behavioural knowledge your team can use straight away for design workshops and planning sessions to build better products.

"It's the first time I've seen behavioural science turned into a workshop-style toolkit that you can use to build better, more effective products."

Jaz Blakeston-Petch, Product Owner, National Lottery UK

Nuggets Badges

Document your behavioural concepts

When the design team come up with concepts for the product, highlighting the behavioural principles behind their ideas is essential.

We've created Nuggets Badges for you to use as part of the digital design documentation process. This reusable .Sketch document is included as part of the Training package.

“LOVE the sketch badges.
These are great - I'll be adding these to our process”

Craig Watson, Product Owner, Spotify

Behavioural Design for Agile Teams

Defining stories & features behaviourally

To ensure that behavioural thinking is a consideration within agile teams, we've created Product Feature cards.

These allow Product Owners to define and clearly communicate the relevant behavioural insights to the design team, on a feature-by-feature basis.

“Setting behavioural priorities is vital. However, each feature that a product owner is looking to build has its own behavioural consideration. Highlighting the behaviour in an agile way like this is both incredibly powerful and helpful for the production team.”

Brad Legge, Head of Production, ribot

A behavioural toolkit for world-class teams

Leading product design teams, like those at Spotify use Coglode’s behavioural toolkit to help create award-winning products that users love.

Our Training package contains everything your team need to weave behavioural thinking throughout your own processes and create better products too.

Package includes

  • Full-day team workshop
  • w/ Coglode CEO. 10+ years experience
  • Guided application on live projects
Starting price
Fully booked until Mid-May
Other Rates *
Quarterly behavioural facilitation
4x half-day team support sessions
£1250 x 4
Behavioural consultancy
Hands-on project support on a day-by-day basis
* For Coglode's creator, Jerome Ribot - UK & EU only - Submit requests via contact form below

Common Questions

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“Awesome. Helped bake behavioral insights into our design process.”

Craig Watson, Product Owner, Growth Team 

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Live + remote

Behavioural Science Training to take your team from amazed to amazing.


Have your team speak the powerful language of human behavior

Our popular one-day programme provides the tools and framework to solve problems behaviourally

1 day

Group size



Speak a new language

Unlock and learn a powerful new language that your whole team can use to solve problems through a behavioural lens.

Learn to DO-IT

Get access to our 4-part framework for solving problems behaviourally: Define, Overcome, Ideate and Test!

Get Nuggets

All attendees receive a box of our highly-popular physical toolkit of bite-size behavioural research. They're addictive!

Get Cookbook

All participants get a month of access to our new digital platform, Cookbook, to take your ideas to the next level.

Solve real case studies

Our Foundations course is packed full of examples of behavioural science that we ask you to solve first before revealing.

Get your Certificate

To conclude, all attendees receive a beautiful, personalised document certifying they've completed Coglode Foundations.


Day 1

Introduction & first half of Coglode’s DO-IT framework - 3.5 hrs

1. Intro & Best Practices

Get up to speed regarding the fundamentals of behavioural insights and acquire a set of best practices for applying research.

Case study: Nuggets behavioural deconstruction

2. Defining

Learn the importance of defining an emotional outcome alongside a behavioural one and determining a measure for success.

Case study: Increasing job seeker turn out rates with Behavioural Insights Team

3. Overcoming

Learn how to diagnose business problems through a behavioural lens to determine the behavioural barriers you wish to overcome.

Case study: Behavioural redesign of a filter coffee stand

Day 2

Second half of Coglode’s DO-IT framework - 3 hrs

4. Ideating

Explore the ways in which principles relate to one another and can be combined for maximum impact to artfully apply behavioural insights.

Case study: Reimagining dating through an emotional lens

5. Testing

Guidance on how to overcome your ‘God Complex’, develop an experimental mindset and perform successful behavioural experiments.

Case study: Increasing donor sign- ups with Behavioural Insights Team

6. Review

Final review of Coglode’s simple, four-step DO-IT framework to apply behavioural insights with confidence.

Open discussion and Q&A


Coglode's Foundations programme is open to all, regardless of prior experience with behavioral science.

We tend to have a mix of Experience Designers, Strategists, Innovation and Marketing teams attend.

We recommend that you invite a broad subset of your team as the benefits of learning this new language together tend to break down barriers across departments.

Why we're world class

Our Training is
globally top-rated

With an average NPS of 9.6 from hundreds of teams across the world over the years, our Training Programme has been tried, tested and iterated to a very high quality based on the evolution of the industry.

We don't replace teams,
we upskill them

Most behavioural firms are set up as consultancies. Coglode is a training company, designed primarily to upskill and empower your teams to learn and apply behavioural science themselves.

A design-friendly framework

Trainees will learn our DO-IT (Define, Overcome, Ideate and Test) model, a powerful, repeatable 4-step process.
DO-IT also dovetails well with the popular Double-Diamond design framework.

Our tools are both
physical and digital

Nuggets, our unrivalled network of distilled behavioural research papers, are available physically and as a digital library. This allows your team to quickly navigate, understand and apply the concepts.

Team enquiries

Drop us a line with your behavioural needs

Team size
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