Introducing Recipes

Step-by-step applied behavioural science

It's always been Coglode's aim to explore the hidden language of behavioural science and bring it to life in new, exciting ways that inspire and help people learn.

Coglode Recipes is our newest and most advanced showcase of behavioural design to date.

We hope you enjoy it!

What is a Recipe?

1. It's a case study with quantifiable evidence...

There's loads of great work being done around the world that showcases the impact of behavioural science. Recipes aims to bring this work to light in a new way.

2. It's broken down into visual how-to steps

We want to show you just how the masters do it, one step at a time.

3. It shows how behavioural science is applied

We want to expose the powerful underlying language hidden within behavioural design, to help you make better, more impactful work.

Why'd we make Recipes?

1. To make learning easier

Breaking a case study down into smaller steps helps you to more clearly see how an idea is built up through Nuggets.

2. To show you, not just tell you

The animated, before-and-after design of the steps allows you to directly see the impact of applying Nuggets to improve an existing idea.

3. Show the compounding impact of Nuggets

When applied to an idea, Nuggets don't exist in a vaccuum. They're highly dependent on each other. Recipes aims to show these relationships and how impact can be boosted by applying multiple Nuggets artfully.

Check out our first Recipe

With great research carried out by Behavioural Insights Team and NESTA.

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