Trainer (Freelance)

Give people the tooling and the schooling to apply behavioural insights to the work they do.

North America
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What will you be doing?

You'll be running our training

At the moment, that's our Applied Behavioural Science workshop. It's run remotely over two-half days, using Miro, Zoom, and of course our old friends the Nuggets.

The training is really hands-on, and it's all about giving people the opportunity to not just understand behavioural insights, but to experience using them creatively, ethically and effectively in a fun and psychologically safe environment. With that in mind the workshops are about 40% showing how concepts can be used in the wild, and 60% allowing people to experience using those concepts for themselves through surprises, exercises and stories.

Find out more about it on our training page.

We'll be developing more workshops in the future, and we'd love your help with those too. But for now, this is where we need your support.

The workshops might not be regular to begin with, but as both your relationship with us and your attendees grows, we hope you'll be running more and more sessions as time goes on.

If the relationships you foster lead to even more workshops, we're very happy to reward your hard work with higher commissions too :)

This role suits someone who...

Is freelance

Working flexibly as a consultant already, and looking to add a rewarding string to their bow or a new service to offer their clients.

Who's part behavioural scientist...

That doesn't necessarily mean you have a PhD in the subject (although if you do, hit us up). But what we're looking for are people who can demonstrate their knowledge of the best ways to artfully apply behavioural insights. If you can point to your experiences of using behavioural science to achieve great things, all the better.

...and part trainer...

You feel right at home coaching groups of people over Zoom, and you have great experience facilitating creative sessions where people feel psychologically safe and free to express themselves openly in front of their peers. At the same time you'll be confident in steering people where they might need your guidance and support to fully understand what can be a complicated subject.

...and tech-savvy

Running our workshops can feel like air traffic control at times, and you'll need to be adept at juggling Miro, Zoom, music and Cookbook all at the same time to give people the best experience. It's easy once you get the hang of it, we promise ;)

Your ideal background

• A strong history of running workshops at the highest level. You'll feel very comfortable running workshops remotely.

• Strong knowledge of behavioural insights and experience using them to achieve results in non-academic settings.

• A flexible schedule that means you can take on a couple of days' training with around 4-6 weeks' notice.

Your package

£1,000 per 1-day workshop

Your future impact at Coglode