Behavioural science is broken

Too much of what is produced in academia gathers dust, never to be used in the real world.

Coglode was set up to close this gap, to translate and bring research to new audiences who are hungry for objective data and fresh ideas.

Our work is now trusted by the world's leading organisations like Google, World Bank, Deloitte, BCG and Apple.

We are independently-financed, profitable and punch above our weight.

Our mission is to help people make better decisions by making sense of behavioural science...

...and we'll never stop looking for new ways to make it more accessible, useful and inspiring.

Jerome, Coglode Founder

Do you value these too?


Getting into a state of deep work is crucial for us to do our job well. Fewer distractions means proper time to think, develop new playful associations and solve problems better.


By doing less, we give our work space to breathe and make it significantly better. Craft has compounding benefits, and attention to detail is essential for magic to happen.

Outside inspiration

In our work, we seek insight from industries as broad as art, gaming, architecture, food... There’s lots to be learned from unrelated domains that do something particularly well.