Visualise the future of behavioural science

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May 31, 2022

What will you be doing?

You'll be taking over the role of illustration from me, Coglode's Founder. Though I've absolutely loved illustrating all the research to make it understandable and fun, there is now too much for me to do whilst looking after the strategy for Coglode.

So, the responsible thing is to find a highly talented individual both I and the team can trust. Here's the sort of stuff you'll be working on:

You'll act as the custodian for the visual brand we've built up these past 8 years. Our brand has become particularly strong as we've built out our framework of Nuggets and other parts of our ecosystem, like our Training programme and new digital platform, Cookbook. We will look to you to maintain strong visual consistency across these different products.

As the core language of Coglode, Nuggets are incredibly important. A large part of their success is in the visual language we've built, using humour, metaphors, subtle in-jokes and playful storytelling. You'll work closely with Bruno, our Nuggeteer and be responsible for illustrating all Nuggets as we add them to our network. As well as Nuggets, you'll also be working on the illustrations for all other content layers within our Cookbook platform.

Training and Livestream material
We now do a lot of live training and deep-dives into different Nuggets. The content for these sessions is incredibly rich and we spend a great amount of time making each event special and visually appealing. You'll be responsible for looking after this material across tools like Miro and Pitch, working closely with George, our Head of Training to do so.

This role suits someone who...

• Can communicate clearly with clean lines and a fresh, striking and playful aesthetic.

• Has a strong capacity to visualise complex ideas with rich, relatable metaphors that delight and educate.

• Is passionate about tiny details and aligning inconsistencies.

Your ideal background


• World-class portfolio of work that aligns with the Coglode aesthetic
• Robust knowledge of Figma and Sketch
• Have built scalable brand and asset libraries
• Experience managing a strong, visual brand across multiple products

Nice-to-have experience

• Lottie / After Effects
• Blender
• Webflow
• Experience with print and packaging (we're going big on Coglode merch this year)

Your package

• £38-45,000 / year (subj. to experience)
• £3,000 home office budget
• £500 hobby & fitness budget / year
• Long holidays (5 weeks / year)
• Short working hours (6 hours / day)

Your future impact at Coglode

3 years in, you will have built out a powerful new visual language for Coglode; one that is distinct, clean and loved by people the world over.

The impact of your work will be felt across our entire ecosystem, in every Nugget and product we release.

You'll have defined a strong, consistent visual hierarchy that promotes easy understanding of difficult subjects, grounds concepts with relatable humanness and creates a real hunger in people to want to learn everything we have to share.

You'll also have helped build a world class team of illustrators at Coglode.

Ultimately, 3 years in, you will have helped create the world's leading resource for applied behavioural science.