Coglode Live 14


A live event with Coglode's Founder

What we learnt

What is (and isn't) a Default?

You might know roughly what they are, but we define them nice and clearly

How do they actually work?

We go deeper, exposing the 3 hidden mechanics that make Defaults so powerful

What’s the evidence of their impact?

We'll look at the research of just how effective Defaults are in various settings

What are the different types of Default?

Defaults come in many flavours. We explain each and how to use them.

What are some great Defaults?

We show off some expert uses of Defaults solving real user challenges.

How do we get Defaults wrong?

We'll also show you how not to do it, from the funny, to the sinister, to the illegal...

what next?

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Coglode live 14: Defaults

This event was on Jan 16th

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