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Your introduction to Nuggets In The Wild

A new part of Coglode where you can read stories about how combinations of behavioural insights are used to make new and better experiences in the real world.

Coglode's story so far

Over the past 6 years, we've been quietly building out a network of Nuggets, our bite-size behavioural insights tool, integrating it heavily into our Training programme, and improving both simultaneously and in mirrored response to improvements in the other.

Personally, it's been a real joy discovering all this amazing research around human behaviour and decision-making. You really cannot put a value on the feeling experienced communicating new ideas bounded in academia that people then use to explain what previously had no name.

For others to then take that research and break new creative ground with it, well, it feels like 'mission complete'.

Linguistic foundations

But of course, the mission is anything but complete. The work done thus far is merely providing the linguistic foundations for what the company was set up for:

"Make sense of behavioural research to help people make better decisions."

Coglode has and will always sit in the uncomfortable middle ground between science and creativity, where the best ideas are born.

If we only ever clearly and concisely communicated the value of behavioural research, I wouldn't feel satisfied.

Behavioural research is a tool, but you need to know how to use it. Creativity is required to work well with that tool, and apply it successfully to the real world. This is arguably our biggest value, taking the theoretical and using it to solve practical problems creatively.

And so Nuggets In The Wild is a step in that direction. But what are they?

Nuggets In The Wild (NITW) are informal stories

My expectation is that offsetting the harder practical bites of Nuggets within a warm, accessible narrative wrap will bring out more play, creativity and confidence in you and me both, Dear Reader.

Simply put, stories are a better way of conveying complex ideas in a simple, accessible and relatable way, so Nuggets In The Wild will be all about described experiences from the wild, both big and small.

They show real world use of behavioural insights...

Because we deal with new research, we often don't have the accompanying language to explain these new ideas clearly enough.

But a good metaphor can create new relationships between ideas that were previously disconnected, creating language and clarity in the process. They're also great for new ideas. Metaphors are a great 'behavioural boost' to any learning content, narrative or otherwise.

With Nuggets In The Wild, we will heavily use metaphorical and hypothetical storytelling to help you imagine with greater clarity.

...Using related Nuggets...

Yes, I too am hardwired to amass sets of related objects.

To start a collection of any kind is to first see the relationship between two things, then riff off their differences. Having been immersed in Coglode World now for 6 years, I cannot but think in Coglode Nuggets. It feels like a silent superpower. And defining and collecting a new language means that you see relationships everywhere.

Our future platform, Coglode Cookbook will focus more on these relationships. We're very excited to share it in 2021. Drop your email if you want to see it when it's 'complete'.

In the meantime, we'll surface related Nuggets to help deconstruct some of the behavioural mechanics at play right here.

We hope you find them both interesting and helpful.

...All wrapped in an emotional outcome

Just as there is a relationship between science and art, there is a relationship between behaviour and emotion. What you do affects how you feel. What you ask of others affects how they feel.

Money and power aside, we should aim to make people feel better with every interaction we have with them. Designing for negative emotions should be seen as tactical and where the pains of not doing so out-weigh the gains, like not paying your taxes, for instance.

And even then, it can be done so respectfully.

The last line of Maya Angelou's famous quote about emotion sums it up nicely for those in any doubt:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel"

So with each of these stories, there is an intentional bias towards positive emotional outcomes, either for the individual, or the group, though by default, for both.

For this first one, I've chosen 'wonder', as it's simply what I feel as I write. I hope, in going on this journey with me, you feel wonder too.

Why do Nuggets In The Wild matter?

Much like a human, a smart business thinks beyond its own irrational short-term, selfish needs. It understands behaviour. And it wins hearts and minds by doing so over the long term.

Nuggets In The Wild provides you a new opportunity to explore the world of applied behavioural science and make better, more creative decisions as a result.


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