Reward early adopters with valuable easter eggs

Taking time to celebrate milestones with your early adopters can be a brilliant way to reinforce your value in a fun way

If you're in the early stages of launching your product, your early adopters matter. They care deeply about your brand, believe in what you do, and are willing to take a risk and invest early before anyone else.

The early feedback from this small cohort is incredibly important, both financially and psychologically. Before moving ahead, take time to celebrate this phase together in playful, surprising ways that reinforce the value of what your product does.

Let's try it here and use Coglode Cookbook as an example.

We have 5x bundles of Box One and Two Nuggets to give away, worth £890+VAT each.

Behaviourally, we are reciprocating your early support, offering a little curiosity by hunting for this easter egg, and finishing this Early Access phase with a nice peak end.

If you've found this pairing in time, go to the Nuggets page, add both boxes and use the code "PEAKRECIPROCITY" at checkout.

Update: All 5 Easter Eggs have now been found but use the secret code 'RECIPROCITY' at checkout for a nice gift.

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