Task Completion

Remind of the bigger goal when completing smaller tasks

Knowing the bigger 'why' helps us do the smaller things. How can you remind users of their goals to keep them focused?

Sometimes we can get lost in a long series of tasks and forget the ultimate aim of what we're trying to do. As a result, we may become demotivated and be less likely to complete the task.

However, being very clear and consistent about the aspirational outcomes that will be unlocked at the end will help remind people as to what's in it for them.

For instance, a pet insurance company that has a long form to fill in would do well to remind the user that they're "Only 5 minutes way from safety and comfort", supporting the message with an appropriate image.

What are the ultimate goals of your customers? How and where can you highlight these as they move though your processes? How can you make them feel great and help them imagine their exciting future in order to counterbalance any 'boring' steps they need to take now.

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