Product Development

Provide opportunities to add the giver into the gift

Giving and receiving gifts can be a deeply personal experience. How can you surface these connections in your products?

Gifts are such personal gestures, but they could bring us even closer, by allowing the giver to express themselves more and become a larger part of the gift itself.

Currently, when we send gifts, we can sometimes create a personal note, but beyond that, there is little we can do.

High quality product companies should allow the giver more creative control of the gift, allowing them to choose from a variety of packaging options, scents, colours or custom-printed features that allow the giver to be better-represented within the gift, making them truly unique each time.

Digital product companies needn't lose out - offering the ability to let gift-givers record surprise audio or video messages that are unlocked by the receiver when they click the button in the email.

Gifts should celebrate the bond between two people, so we should design experiences that unlock and explore this natural yet powerful desire to connect, physically or digitally. offers a great example of how to do it well.

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