Embracing Change

Overcome change aversion with increasing exposure over time

Sudden, unexpected change can feel difficult to stomach. How can you use 'change exposures' to reduce discomfort?

Sudden, unexpected change can feel difficult to stomach, particularly when large in size or experienced by customers most sensitive to change, whether in character or by industry.

If you're rolling out a significant change, consider using the Mere Exposure Effect to slowly introduce the new concept and reduce Risk Aversion. The first exposure to the change should be light and ask little of the recipient. e.g. A poster on the wall or a light reference in an email.

But over time, consider ways to slowly increase the level of information and also the level of involvement. A show and tell, Q&A or digital opportunity to explore what is new at one's own pace.

Crucially, this should be done over time, so requires planning. The bigger the change, the more potentially-disruptive, and so the longer the window you should be working within.

What large, strategic changes are you planning down the line?

How might you start planning for these now with a series of small 'change exposures' that can grow gently over time?

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