Offer multiple moments to reminisce past experiences

If we enjoy being reminded of past, positive experiences we've had, how can we spread these out in small drips over time?

Whether you're selling a holiday, a training course or a fun day out, even when the experience has been and gone, we all seek out opportunities to recall the positive memories.

Travel companies can share nostalgic moments of past trips. For instance, if I'd booked a flight to Japan in Spring, it might be nice to send me a lovely reminder of the seasonal cherry blossom every 3 months after the trip. This would create positive recall and keep the travel brand front of mind, more deeply associating it with the experience. When it was time to book again for next year, the travel company would become the obvious choice to create brand new memories in Japan.

Similarly, a training company can create stronger knowledge recall by reminding trainees of what they'd learnt long after attending the training day, as well as triggering positive, nostalgic feelings for the event. Pithy, memorable or humourous mantras that were shared on the day could be easily repeated in marketing messaging, for instance.

Just because something ends, doesn't mean we need to let go of it. Moreover, great past experiences yearn to be segregated and repeated in our minds for a long time thereafter.

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