Product Development

Offer a mix of constant and changing choices

Even though we know what we like, we also favour some choice variability. How can you satisfy both needs at the same time?

In our product choices, we humans crave a complex mix of familiarity and newness. We know what we like, but we're also keen to seek out new experiences. Brands should embrace this, offering a small range of product choices that are either immovable, or variable.

UK eatery Honest Burgers do a great job here, providing a small number of always-on-the-menu burger options alongside other burgers that change by month or by store location.

Where can you provide this mix in the product choices you present to users? First, define what products or features should *never* change.

Second, how you can encourage curiosity and exploration with new ideas, driven by cross-brand collaboration, season or a new technology or ingredient, for instance?

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