Make product names emotionally relatable

Concise product names help us identify what's right for us. But how can we create added meaning through an emotional layer?

Concise, short descriptions of product options help us to identify which is right for us. However, brands could go further and use these names to put a name to our own needs and desires.

For instance, food delivery service, instead of simply calling the product a "Mango, Lime and walnut salad", could put it within a set of options called "Energisers", emphasising a clear emotional outcome for the choice.

Similarly, a tea subscription service, instead of just giving 3x flavour notes of that choice, could bracket it within "Adventurous" or "Calming". A nice side effect of this is that it can act as a further filter, reducing choice overload.

How might you simply communicate your product options to surface customers own unrealised individuality?

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