Evoke nostalgic pride for upcycled vintage products

Given that our attitude for pre-owned items has changed, how can we better tap into the richness of their past?

As the stigma around second-hand clothes wears off, more and more people are buying responsibly. Changing values, vintage inspiration in fashion, eco-sustainability and a reaction against fast fashion have all led to the shift (Tracy Diane Cassidy & Hannah Rose Bennet, 2015). Estimates suggest that 40% of consumers’ wardrobes will be ‘used’ by 2022, with 27% of millennials and 37% of GenZers shopping second-hand. (ThredUp data).

Platforms like Farfetch and Rebag have attracted luxury shoppers everywhere. Sourcing and selling vintage, hard-to-find designer goods for a fraction of the price, they cater to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

If you offer luxury upcycled items, how can you tap into their rich past to bring them to life in a timeless way? Take customers down memory lane and create a connection between the past and aspirational identities of the product and their potential owners (Adıgüzel & Donato, 2021).

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