Embracing Change

Create 'pain bundles' at new time periods

New chapters in our lives mean creating new versions of ourselves. How can you make it easy for people to take the leap?

When we aspire to start afresh in new time horizons, we often need to let go of something that's holding us back: a bad diet, indebtedness, a broken relationship...

  1. Health organisations could campaign for aspirational individuals to do a weekly, monthly or yearly health purge / trade-in, where unhealthy foods are ceremoniously removed from food cupboards. Marie Kondo for food, if you will. This way, the pain of deliberating on whether to keep or lose one pack of cookies or another bag of marshmallows is reduced.
  2. Future FinTechs could offer products that incentivise faster debt repayments by making it temporarily attractive to pay back more of what you owe just after payday.

"0% interest if you pay back £100 today."

The money could be made on predicting patterns of bad debt and pre-empting them by buying the debt for cheap and offering rates for any payments made by the consumer.

Bundling the financial pain around a fresh start with an attractive, timely incentive will help people to make better decisions at a time when their resources are least scarce.

Ultimately, it's far easier to make a fresh start if we can start to let go of what is stale and no longer represents who we now want to be. Packaging any loss felt from our past selves is a good strategy for enabling a more successful future.

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