Analyse, write about and expand our network of the latest behavioural science research

Interviews in progress
October 31, 2021

What will you be doing?

Reading the latest research journals (40%)  

You'll spend about 40% of your working time staying abreast of, cherry-picking and reading through a lot of the academic research being produced. You'll need focus and space to do this well. 

Distilling research into Nuggets (40%)  

You'll work alongside me to carefully determine which research makes it through to our network. Is it valuable or relevant enough? Do we already cover it somewhere else? You'll spend 40% of your time distilling the findings and providing practical, creative examples of how it can be used. You'll understand how it connects to other parts of our behavioural network, spotting patterns that can be used to help others. 

Creating new products (20%)

Finally, you'll be using your remaining 20% working with both me and our Head of Training to create new products on which your work is based. This could be a new training product that uses your findings as a tool for learning or applying behavioural science, for example.

This role suits someone who...

Enjoys being offline, sitting down with a set of printed research papers, a highlighter pen and a warm drink. You love getting into a state of flow, fully embracing your inner Csikszentmihalyi.

You'll see the chaos and shortcomings of research, acknowledging it as no silver bullet, but a profound starting point for ideas. You'll recognise that context is key and successful application is an art form as much as it's a behavioural science. 

Finding new insights will spark child-like joy and wonder within you. This will come out in your writing. Your tone will educate and inspire Coglode's readers with metaphors and practical examples, triggering a hunger to apply these learnings in their own work.

Your ideal background

• Deep knowledge of behavioural science, preferably at MSc level

• History as a consultant applying behavioural science to real-world problems

• A proven record of communicating complex science clearly

Your package

• £52-65,000 / year (subj. to experience)

• £3,000 home office budget

• £500 hobby & fitness budget / year

• Long holidays (5 weeks / year)

• Short working hours (6 hours / day)

Your future impact at Coglode

• 3 years in, you’ll have greatly contributed to what is now the world’s leading resource for applied behavioural research.

• Your ability to distill research into a modular toolkit for others to make better decisions will be second to none.

• You’ll be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved, yet still hungry to create even more impact, based on all the amazing ideas you’d been having with your team and whilst out walking.