Head of Training

Manage and scale up our world class behavioural science training programme

Interviews in progress
October 15, 2021

What will you be doing?

Running and iterating our Training Programme

World class training is a rare thing. However, Coglode's Training programme is incredibly popular, averaging an NPS of 9.6 over the past four years. It exists both in-person and remote, and has been iterated heavily throughout its life. It will be your responsibility to maintain both its constant quality and its ever-changing freshness. 

Designing brand new training products

By design, Coglode's learning system is uniquely modular, making it snackable, memorable and possible to combine. You will be responsible for creating whole new ways for people to understand and apply behavioural science to solve their problems. 

Building our Trainer network

By extension, with new Training products come new types of Trainer. We are growing a trusted, high quality network of accredited Coglode Trainers to provide such specialisms. You will be their guiding light and single point of contact for advice, problem-solving and feedback.

This role suits someone who...

Loves to teach behavioural science

You see science as a basis for creativity, clarity and confidence and it energises you to share this with others who share your passion for new understanding. 

Cares about the little details

You're always looking for ways to improve learning experiences. You spot things others miss and are known for being particularly attentive to tiny details. You get lost in the craft of your work. You let your mind wander. 

Understands how to design Learning systems

You'll be helping to build the training layer on top of a powerful modular network of research. You will be working alongside others who are also building out different parts of this network, and you'll be naturally drawn together to improve the impact of both your efforts and therefore the Ecosystem as a whole.

Your ideal background

• A strong history of running design workshops at the highest level

• Detailed knowledge of behavioural science, preferably at MSc level

• Strong background in behavioural design

• Experience in designing learning systems

• Preferable: UK-based, given our physical trainings

• Preferable: Have attended one of our training sessions

• Bonus points: managing a team of trainers

Your package

• £65-80,000 / year (subj. to experience)

• Equity stake in Coglode

• £3,000 home office budget

• £500 hobby & fitness budget / year

• Long holidays (5 weeks / year)

• Short working hours (6 hours / day)

• Nice people!

Your future impact at Coglode

• 3 years in, you’ll have built out a comprehensive and unrivaled training programme and marketplace for our trainers. 

• Your work will be used and admired by the world’s best companies who love how easy you’ve made it for them to learn and apply behavioural science; and yet... 

• You’ll come up with clever ways to turn new Nuggets into forms of learning that create confidence, creativity and a sense of mastery in trainees.